Is Winning Everything ????????????????

This is a part of a very interesting article about Success, Winning, And Chasing.....

Victory is not always About the stands erupting in a joyous whoop, but a quiet, inner satisfaction that comes from having given one's best.

From sporting greats who made history, to an autistic child completing a race or learning anything, success is often about achieving personal milestones.

So is it's not about winning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If it would have been, then every one wants to succeed. And hence, not every one can win. It's not a race to your personal achievements. It's not necessary after winning always and everything, you taste the success or you feel successful within.
It's the journey that counts ....................
Life is unpredictable. When you are in dump, the change is just round the corner.
It's difficult to look for the silver lining, but the persistence that keeps you going.

There is a dignity in the struggle, which helps you understand your identity better.

Nurture your dream....Do your best ..........Enjoy the journey..........

Top Six Costliest Cars

Here is the list of Top Costliest cars in the world....

6. Rolls Royce Phantom

Cost = 850080.85 USD

5. Maybach S57

Cost = 1073786.33 USD

4. Maybach S62

Cost = 1140897.98 USD

3. Koenisegg Agera

Cost = 2796318.58 USD

2. Bugatti Veyron

Cost = 3579287.78 USD

And here is the worlds most costliest car till now..............

1. Aston Martin One 77

Cost = 4474109.72 USD

These cars are those which people buy to commute......Such a lovely dream machines..............God I wanna one.....

Become Invisible To Some Friends In Facebook Chat

1 - Create List
 Login to facebook and click Friends. You will find the Create List option.

Click on the List Names

Click on Add Multiple

Select the friends and add in the list.

Go to the Chat Box

Click on the Green Icon and Go Offline for that particular group.


Top Trick -Create Invisible Folder In Windows 2007 And Vista

You can create the invisible folders in Wndows 2007 and Windows Vista operating system. This folder has no logo and no name too.

This is areal simple trick. Try this one ................

Click on Start Button
Search Character Map
Open character Map and click on the blank Coloumn

Click on Select Button 
Click on Copy Button
Now create a New folder anywhere you wish to

Right click on this folder and select Rename option

Now paste the name by pressing CTRL + V

Your folder with blank name is now created.

Lets hide the folder icon now.............................

  1. Right click on the folder that you have created without name in the previous step.
  2. Click on Properties>>Customise>>Change Icon
  3. Now will get a popup windows with various icon.Select the blank Icon
  4. Press OK

Lets now  hide the Invisible Folder In Windows 7 And Vista
  1. Right Click on the Invisible Folder
  2. Select Properties and now select the Hidden Checkbox.

Only you can access this folder because only you have knowledge where this invisible folder is stored.

Top Fact - World's 5 Smallest Countries

1. Vatican City

Size: 0.17 sq. mi. (0.44 km²)
Population: 783 (2005 census)
Location: Rome, Italy

2. Monaco

Size: 0.8 sq. mi. (1.96 km²)
Population: 35,657 (2006 estimate)
Location: French Riviera on the Mediterranean

3. Nauru

Size: 8 sq. mi (21 km²)
Population: 13,005 (2005 estimate)
Location: Western Pacific Ocean

 4. Tuvalu

Size: 9 sq. mi. (26 km²) 

Population:10,441 (2005 estimate)

Location:South Pacific

5. San Marino

Size: 24 sq. mi. (61 km²)
Population: 28,117 (2005 estimate)
Location: North-central Italy near the Adriatic coast.

Top Tip - What To Look In Tablet PC ???

What To Look When Buying a Tablet Computer

Thinner and lighter than a netbook, tablets easily pack into a small bag or purse are the new revolution in the field of computing and internet accesibility.

Here are some points you should consider before buying the tablet PC:


This is the most important part of your purchasing decision. The larger the  screen, the more comfort to view and handling. But tablet PC are more handy because of their portability. So select the screen size keeping in mind the portability. Check for the resolutions of the screen so that you can get the maximum from the screen.


 Tablet PC use wireless connectivity to access internet. If you want general browsing of internet, go for 802.11 b/g specification. But if you wish to do media streaming and heavy internet download, go for 802.11 n. Now a days the Tablet PC has 3G mobile cell connectivity.

Operating System And Applications

Apple iPhone OS is the most liked operating system in the field of this generation PC. But the upcoming is Anderoid OS from Google.

Apple’s iOS offers a massive app store as well as rock-solid hardware and software integration, but lacks support for Adobe Flash, limiting the web experience a bit. There’s a better selection of Android tablets to choose from made by a variety of companies, but the OS isn’t quite as refined as Apple’s.

Hence the choice is your's.



If your tablet is your entertainment device only, you need lots of space.  Any space is less for movies,songs and music. The flash based RAM tablets are more expensive. Tablets with Micro SD Ram are also available in the market, which are bit less expensive.


External connections and ports are limited in tablet pc category. Apple ipad has no external port connectivity. So it is limited to its proprietary iPod connector.If a tablet you want doesn’t have all the connections you desire, there are a handful of external port adapters for tablets. 

For instance, the Archos 9 tablet offers a detachable port replicator that gives you VGA out, ethernet and a couple of USB ports, while Apple has a dock-to-VGA connector for connecting to a full-size monitor, and a camera connection kit for uploading images from your camera to your iPad.


Well headphones are mostly used with tablets, but there will inevitably be times when you’ll want to keep your ears unplugged. Built-in tablet speakers won’t sound great,you get external speakers nowadays.


An extra camera is always handy. Editing photos on a tablet’s larger screen is also easier. Measuring a camera by mexapixels is one thing, but remember that real video and photo quality comes from accurate color and the ability to change camera settings for a particular shot. The Samsung Galaxy Tab even has two cameras — one front-facing, one rear-facing — so you can video chat or simply record yourself. The iPad, however, does not have a camera at all.

Happy Buying....................


Some Interesting Facts

Here is the list of some facts that you will love to know.

The first kind of PENCIL was a bunch of GRAPHITE sticks held together by string.
JOSEPH RECHENDORFER was the first person to put a piece of eraser onto the top of a pencil.

The average lead pencil can draw a line that is almost 35 miles long or you can write almost 50,000 words in English with just one pencil.

The Wright Brothers invented the first airplane which can fly. It was called the Kitty Hawk.


Bowling game originated in Germany during the Medieval ages.

The first pick-up truck in the world was made by Gottlieb Daimler in 1886. 

Gottlieb produced the world's first motorcycle in 1885.

Gottlieb Daimler also built the world's first taxi in 1897. It was called the Daimler Victoria and had a taxi meter. 

 Friedrich Greiner started the world's first motorized taxi company.

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